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  • Research

    The Athabasca University e-Lab enables AU faculty and students to work together to build the next generation of scholarly research within the...

    Research & Development

  • Learn

    Learning is a central focus of the Athabasca University e-Lab.  Discover many digital research tools and online resources in the e-Lab.


  • Create

    Whether it’s creating a new online persona or recording a podcast, the Athabasca University e-Lab gives you the tools to create wonderful things...


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    Whether you wish to connect with other AU students or faculty, share your research and work with others, or just learn about social media, the e-...


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    The Athabasca University e-Lab is built around collecting and showcasing great work by Athabasca University’s students, faculty, and professional...


Welcome to Athabasca University's e-Lab

Welcome to the e-Lab at AU, an open and interactive virtual lab space dedicated to discovery and demonstration for tertiary online education.

The e-Lab contains six main areas:

  • Virtual Tool Cupboard -- a collection of open-access, online tools and resources developed by Athabasca University and other organizations and individuals. The Virtual Tool Cupboard is available to everyone.
  • Open Online Courses, Tutorials, and Resources – a growing list of self-study open access courses, short courses, tutorials, and educational resources to help you develop or brush up on your digital literacy, research and study skills
  • e-Portfolio – one of the most popular professional development tools online and used increasingly throughout tertiary education in courses and programs, e-Portfolio allows you to chart your learning and share your accomplishments, whether for learning, for your research, or in your professional life. Anyone with an Athabasca University affiliation may use e-Portfolio at AU.
  • The Landing -- a social media space open to anyone with an AU log-in
  • Research and Development -- outlines the pedagogically-related research and development that takes place in the e-Lab.

The e-Lab at AU is open and interactive to members of the Athabasca University community: students, faculty, staff, alumni and partners. We also invite members of the general public to explore the affordances of the e-Lab for their own learning and skills development.

Please make good use of the e-Lab, and let us know how we can improve our services for you!