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Athabasca University e-Lab

About the e-Lab

Originally funded by grants from the federal Knowledge Infrastructure Program, the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, and the provincial Access to the Future Fund, the e-Lab at AU was created to support AU’s students and faculty. The e-Lab’s open access policy makes most of its content and services available to the wider digital community. 

The e-Lab boasts a growing collection of on-line applications, tools and resources that serve to enhance online learning and contextualize theories, concepts and critical approaches.  Within this site, students are presented with opportunities to experiment with concepts and information in an interactive environment.  Characterized by applications that allow staff and students to display their own work and experience the work of others, the e-Lab offers opportunities for collaboration, convergence, and connection.

The e-Lab at AU has benefitted from the contributions of many colleagues within the institution. We wish to recognize the active assistance and support of the e-Lab Advisory Group.

The e-Lab owes its existence and its present shape to the vision of two people: Dr. Margaret Haughey, VPA, and Dr. Frits Pannekoek, President, who have been strong and constant supporters of such digital initiatives at the university.

Several units within the University have been especially helpful in developing the e-Lab, most especially Tony Tin and Colin Elliott of the Digital Initiatives and Electronic Resources unit of the Library; Dr. Cindy Ives, Director of the Centre for Learning Design and Development; Dr. Donna Romyn, Acting Assoc. Vice President, Research and her staff, particularly Rebecca Heartt and Crystal Brown; Dr. Rory McGreal, Director of TEKRI; Brian Stewart, Vice President, Information Technology & CIO and Daryl Campbell, Computing Services.

As a dynamic online service that reflects the evolving needs of people who work, live and learn in a new media culture, the e-Lab at AU is in constant development.  We welcome any suggestions you may have. Contact us for more information.