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Athabasca University e-Lab

Open Educational Resources

The following open educational resources (or "learning objects") have been created to enhance your online learning. Feel free to browse these digital artifacts. For more information, visit the Centre for Learning Design and Development's Showcase of Learning Objects.


» Causative Agents of Disease
» Bacteria Taxonomy Learning Tree

Communication Studies

» The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (Philosophy Discussion)

Human Resources Management

Audio Quizzes
» Hiring
» Workflow Analysis
» Over-supply of Labour
» The Effectiveness of Training
» Management/Employees and Workload
» Compensation
» Grievance Discussion
» Occupational Health and Safety

» Workplace Learning
» Compensation
» Employment Law
» Gender and Emotional Labour
» Feminization of Retail Work
» Motivation in the Workplace
» Recruitment
» Why People Join Unions
» Workplace Injuries


» Math Support for Calculus


» Sample Multimedia Crossword Puzzle
» MUSI 310: Timeline

Video Tutorials
» Scales
» Chords


» Plagiarism Video


» Interactive Venn Diagrams


» Blood Brain Barrier
» Receptors Video
» Synapses Video