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Athabasca University e-Lab


The Athabasca University e-Lab is built around collecting and showcasing great work by Athabasca University’s students, faculty, and professional staff.

Athabasca University students and faculty can build media-rich portfolios of their learning and research through the e-Portfolio tool, and share it with Athabasca University and the world.

The e-Lab celebrates the work of Athabasca University students and faculty in showcases of Staff Projects, Student Projects, and Institutional Projects, which highlight their excellent work so others can enjoy and learn from it.

Staff Projects

From an award-winning app for wellness in the workplace to a multiplayer educational game for assessing student knowledge, Athabasca faculty and staff have produced a number of exciting and groundbreaking projects.

Student Projects

Practical guides, online exhibits, and games make up some of these important and innovative student projects.

Institutional Projects

Beginning with its Undergraduate Student Orientation, Athabasca University produces a number of projects to enhance student learning and faculty practice.

An alphabetical list of these projects can be found in the e-Lab Showcase.