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Athabasca University e-Lab

Student Projects

Practical guides, online exhibits, and games make up some of these important and innovative student projects.

Distance Education

Effective Web Searching

This group project from the MDDE 615, a course in the Doctor of Distance Education Program, offers simple instructions for conducting effective searches online.


Communication Studies

Prairie Ghost Towns

Communication Studies 450 student, Rachel Knox, wanted to create an online, multimedia exhibit, combining still images, moving images, and spoken and written word, in order to capture a piece of the disappearing history of the ghost towns of Saskatchewan.


Computing and Information Systems

Pecunia: A Game to Encourage Financial Literacy

Pecunia (“money” in Latin) was developed with open-source Second-Life simulation server (OpenSim) and client (HippoViewer). Students assume the character of an 18 year old character (male or female), just starting out in life.

Trading Card Game

Trading Card Game is a discipline independent game, which means, that in-game rewards can be delivered by any teacher in any course.