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E-lab’s Showcase offers a multi-media space where faculty, students, and partners can display their disciplinary and e-learning related projects and innovations. Whether it is the result of organizational developments in e-learning, individual research, or exemplary course projects, Showcase demonstrates advances in the area of online learning.  

Contact the e-Lab with feedback, or to receive showcase guidelines.

Award-winning App for Wellness in the Workplace

Athabasca University's e-Lab teamed up with Nicole Collins, AU's Occupational Health and Safety Officer, and Tony Tin, Head of the Library's Digital Initiatives Unit, to produce a user-programmable wellness app that can be downloaded onto mobile devices as well as the computer.

Internet Interviews with Video Games Experts

Learn more about Dr. Jayne Gackenbach, an Athabasca University tutor who researches dreaming, video games, and new media.

Staff Project: Megaworld Assessment Game

MEGA World is a multiplayer educational game for assessing students' knowledge of and skills in particular learning domains. Students can travel in the virtual world, meet with non-player controlled characters (NPCs), meet and talk to other players, pick-up quests from NPCs, and earn rewards from NPCs by solving the quests

Student Project: Effective Web Searching

This group project from the MDDE 615, a course in the Doctor of Distance Education Program, offers simple instructions for conducting effective searches online.

Student Project: Prairie Ghost Towns

Communication Studies 450 student, Rachel Knox, wanted to create an online, multimedia exhibit, combining still images, moving images, and spoken and written word, in order to capture a piece of the disappearing history of the ghost towns of Saskatchewan.

Student Projects: Pecunia, a Game to Encourage Financial Literacy

Pecunia (“money” in Latin) was developed with open-source Second-Life simulation server (OpenSim) and client (HippoViewer). Students assume the character of an 18 year old character (male or female), just starting out in life.

Student Projects: Trading Card Game

Trading Card Game is a discipline independent game, which means, that in-game rewards can be delivered by any teacher in any course.

Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The course Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder is currently in development as an iPad app by Dr. Linda Chmiliar, Assistant Professor Inclusive Education in the Centre for Social Sciences at Athabasca University.

Undergraduate Student Orientation

The undergraduate student orientation has been designed to provide you with a basic overview of the services and resources available to you as an undergraduate student.

Women’s processing of cinematic melodrama and their body esteem

Have you ever wondered what endless advertising that focuses on women's appearance does to young girls' self-esteem? Dr. Pierre Wilhelm, Asst. Prof. of Business Communication at Athabasca University, conducts research in the United States and Latin America on how mass media affects the body esteem of women viewers.