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Athabasca University e-Lab

Award-winning App for Wellness in the Workplace

How often have you reminded yourself to step away from the computer at work and stretch... get some fresh air...talk to a human being.... Athabasca University's e-Lab teamed up with Nicole Collins, AU's Occupational Health and Safety Officer, and Tony Tin, Head of the Library's Digital Initiatives Unit, to produce a user-programmable app that can be downloaded onto mobile devices as well as the computer. The app will remind computer workers at intervals determined by the user to take a health break by engaging in a guided set of breathing and stretching exercises.

The app, which won the University's 2012 Health and Wellness Award, is now available in the iTunes store.

Research and production for this and other App projects has increased the University's capacity to develop and produce quality online learning materials, especially with respect to Mobile Learning, an important research theme for the e-Lab.