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Staff Project: Megaworld Assessment Game

MEGA World is a multiplayer educational game for assessing students' knowledge of and skills in particular learning domains. Students can travel in the virtual world, meet with non-player controlled characters (NPCs), meet and talk to other players, pick-up quests from NPCs, and earn rewards from NPCs by solving the quests. All quests are learning activities and involve assessment. Students can pick quests up from NPCs according to the level of their own characters. Students need certain required skills and knowledge in solving the quests; after they complete the quests, corresponding rewards such as gold and experience points will be given to them. Students can use gold to buy some food for their characters in order to travel far away and explore the virtual world. The experience points, on the other hand, represent the mastery level students have in a particular knowledge domain. Currently the built-in quests are for fundamental Java Programming. Different roles the students choose to play, such as engineer, diplomat/ambassador and farmer, making them capable of picking quests for different disciplines (e.g., engineer for Java programming and diplomat/ambassador for English).

Assessment Game: Samuel Chow (RA of the project, was also an AU student)
Research Team: Prof. Maiga Chang, Prof. Rita Kuo (was a PhD student co-supervised by Dr. Chang during 2002-2007), Prof. Kinshuk