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Student Projects: Pecunia, a Game to Encourage Financial Literacy

Pecunia (“money” in Latin) was developed with open-source Second-Life simulation server (OpenSim) and client (HippoViewer). Students assume the character of an 18 year old character (male or female), just starting out in life. The avatar character needs to find a job, open a bank account, acquire an insurance policy, pay rent, and even enroll in higher education. At the end of the game, after 29 days (real-world), the avatar has reached the age of 65 yrs and must retire. At that moment, the avatar should have enough savings and money to live on until death. But, not all players make the right choices! Players can learn how to good decisions at right moments and understand the financial concepts they will need to work with after graduating from high school.

Pecunia: David Jones (Master student), supervised by Dr. Maiga Chang